We are a distributed apparel manufacturing network, localizing design production to enable scaled sustainable and circular apparel manufacturing in the United States. From emerging designers to global retailers, we will manufacture your apparel, sustainably, right here in the United States. 

Through a guided process of onshoring apparel manufacturing in sustainable ways, we enable the production of apparel at any scale. We hire vetted and hand-selected skilled labor force and localized factory network.


  • Design review and consultation on scope of project

  • Map an appropriate localized production process 

  • Hire members of our network who align with the specific skill sets you need for your project 

  • Design assistance

  • Material and trim sourcing

  • Digitizing, Draping, Pattern & Sample making, from sketches or physical samples

  • Sample Evaluation (fitting and finalizing)​

  • Finalize pattern, grading and marker creation

  • Cut and Sew

  • Finishing and pressing



  • Sustainability and circularity integration at each stage of production, as well as for the final product 

  • Designing out waste

  • Design for post-consumer repair 

  • Material recovery, including upcycling and recycling

  • Corporate educational consultation



We have the connections, experience, skill, and manpower to manufacture an abundance of PPE, including masks and gowns, from start to finish. We can produce high volumes, quickly. Our localized process relies on skilled labor from various domestic regions, employing people to make products that keep us all safe while bolstering our economy.

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